Birth is magical and mighty,
The inner wisdoms are fearless and true.
They can do anything from the chasms of darkness.
They can b(earth) from their wombs.
Hey Everyone!
  My name is Nichell Craig. I am a full spectrum Holistic Doula, Nutritionist and Achievement Facilitator. I am skilled in yoga, belly binding, and sound therapy. I specialize in natural and holistic approaches. I focus on health and nutrition in all of my healing work as well as my Doula work. I truly love all things pregnancy, birth, and womb health related. I knew between the ages of 8-10 that I wanted to “deliver babies” but we now all know only the birthing person does that! I am so grateful I found my drop in the ocean. I get to support expecting families using my own special gifts and that lights my fire!
  I am from the inner city of Philadelphia, where I was raised in a poor environment. I know what it feels like to be judged and mistreated in the birth world, and strive to eradicate that mistreatment for my clients. I b(earth)ed three amazing beings who I enjoy teaching and sharing laughter. I love growing food, hiking, plants, foraging, burying my feet in the dirt, nature writing and 80’s-90’s R&B!
My Trainings
Mammissi Full Spectrum Holistic Doula training (certified)
Beginners Herbalism (Mammissi Course)
B.A. Sociology, Minored in Holistic Health and Healing (Ashford University)
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Advocate
Fertility Advocate and Guide
Breastfeeding and Breast Milk Researcher (CE)
Baby Wearing
Psychological First Aid
Birth Philosophy
Birth Is Spiritual, Instinctual, and is a natural phenomenon. With the right support and energy in the room or space anything is possible. My greatest effort is to help all (who choose to work with me) receive birth freedom in whatever way they choose; because they deserve it, you deserve it!
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