Birth Support

We are your personal guide through pregnancy and birth.

From the moment you become a client, your well-matched, experienced doula team goes on-call for you, providing unbiased, continual support and reassurance until after your birth. Because your primary doulas are backed by the consistency of the agency model, there are no unknown back-up doulas.

This means there will not be any unfamiliar faces in the most intimate and important moments when you need support the most. The community has been established in pregnancy and is maintained throughout your birth and the coming weeks.


We are your personal virtual guide through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

When you choose virtual support with Mammissi Birth Services you will receive care from an experienced doula. Your virtual will offer support on topics such as: getting evidence-based care, writing an effective birth plan, packing for your stay in the hospital, being your own advocate in birth, options for breech presentation, preparing for birth with an epidural, preparing for an induction, what to expect during and after a surgical birth, ways to manage your friends and family at birth, navigating conversations with your providers, immediate newborn procedures, and just about anything else you can think of related to birth and postpartum.


We are your personal guide through the Fourth Trimester.

Just like during your birth, your postpartum doula is an extra layer of support during one of the most vulnerable, raw, and incredible points in your life. We help you learn to navigate life with a new baby, normalize the overwhelming experiences, help you recognize when and how to reach out for extra support, and tame the chaos and clutter that newborns can sometimes bring along. Plus, we do it all while providing nurturing, supportive care for your entire family, and while building your confidence in your new role as a parent.

We help you thrive, not just survive, in your postpartum experience.

Other services


Mammissi Birth Services provides prenatal counseling appointments as well as postpartum counseling. We also provide in home consultations so we can see how you and your baby breastfeed together. At this point we can provide recommendations for correcting or improving latch, positioning ,and provide information on supplementation and weaning.If an additional clinical or other evaluation is deemed necessary, you will be provided with referrals to appropriate medical experts.


Our Placenta specialist can help you understand why you would want to allow your placenta to continue to take care of you and encourage a smooth transition between pregnancy and postpartum. Placenta capsules can help birthing people balance hormones following birth, decrease their bleeding, decrease their risk for postpartum mood disorders, increase their energy in the early days of parenthood and promote healthy breast milk production.


Mammissi Birth Services has certified doulas and Babywearing Consultants. We are proud to offer parents private consultations to help them carry their baby with confidence and style. Our consultants are trained babywearing consultants who have guided many parents through the abundant baby carrier options available today, to help find the perfect fit for their family and their goals.

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