Child Birth Educator Certification



Childbirth Educator Course

Childbirth education classes  include information on late pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, postpartum, and newborn care. Childbirth educators also guide expectant parents in the practice of relaxation, breathing techniques, and comfort measures for labor. Mammissi CBE course is a comprehensive blended educational experience that prepares excellent prenatal educators with content and teaching skills ready for the classroom or community setting.

IN our course you will receive:

  • Reproductive anatomy and physiology
  • Fetal Development
  • Physical Changes in Pregnancy
  • Emotional Experience of Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum
  • Nutrition and Exercise in Pregnancy
  • Prenatal Care and Prenatal Testing
  • Complications and Interventions in Pregnancy, Labor and Birth
  • Stages of labor
  • Comfort Measures for Labor
  • Pain Medications
  • Birth-Planning and Informed choice
  • Cesarean Birth
  • Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care and Safety
  • Transformation of Birth, Postpartum and Early Parenthood
  • Dynamics of Group Learning
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Curriculum Development
  • Understanding Research and Evidence-based Practice
  • Designing Evaluations
  • Certification and Job Opportunities