Full Spectrum Doula Course


8 day full spectrum Doula workshop.

Course and Workshop Topics
As part of your doula training, these courses will cover the following:

  • Learn the duties and responsibilities of a doula’s job
  • Discuss how to provide prenatal support for the expectant mother
  • Identify both physical and emotional methods of support
  • Understand how to provide support for difficult labors
  • Learn how to provide postpartum support for the newborn
  • Discuss how to run your doula business
  • Discuss the ethics, standards, and requirements for certification



What is a Mammissi doula?  A Mammissi doula is a compassionate, competent , knowledgable support person. Mammissi doulas are trained in the full spectrum of the reproductive cycle. Mammissi Doulas are trained in fertility, pregnancy, labor and the art of postpartum care. Our intensive training and mentorship ensures that you are comfortable in your role of birth worker for your client. Our program is unique that we also dedicate an entire portion of our class to the business in being a doula. Our doulas have used this course to make full time careers out of their dreams and passions.


Our February Cohort will be taught by Nichelle. Meet her here.


This cohort schedule will January 31- February 5 from 5pm-8:30pm.